October 6, 2022

Christian girls were loved, pressured to convert, killed if they refused

The youth was pressured to convert but the youth refused, the Christian community later allegedly beat him up and hanged him from a tree after he died.

the police

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Assam of Lakhimpur A heart-wrenching incident has come to light. Here a mob killed a Hindu youth because he fell in love with a Christian girl and wanted to marry. For this, the youth was pressured to convert, but when the youth refused, the Christian community allegedly beat him up and hanged him on a tree after he died. The incident took place in Lakhimpur’s Kailamari Balijan area, where the youth was murdered on September 12.

The name of the 23-year-old youth is Biki Vishal. According to local reports, a mob dragged Vishal from his house and Christian activists gathered from four churches in the area dragged him to death. Human rights organization, Legal Rights Observatory took note of the matter and asked the police and local authorities to take action.

The girl didn’t mind

According to reports, Biki Vishal and Christian girl were in a relationship and wanted to get married. As the girl also has no objection to this, the girl also goes to her house with Becky. Later, a large mob from the local church gathers outside Biki’s house and threatens him with fatal consequences. The agitated mob later takes the girl away and forces Vishal to either convert or sever relations with the girl.

Killed for refusing to convert

When Biki refused the offer to convert to Christianity, the mob allegedly ransacked his house. Later, the mob goes uncontrollable and drags Vishal outside his house, where they beat him severely, leading to his death. His body was later found hanging from a tree. It is said that the police have registered an FIR and started investigating the matter.

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