March 20, 2023

China was ready to give up its claim on Arunachal for Tawang, so the deal with India stalled. India China Border Dispute China eyes Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang: China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its own, so it is also called South Tibet. Here his main focus is on Tawang, which is very important.

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New Delhi: India has a border dispute with China. Eastern Ladakh Exathe Arunachal Pradesh Tensions continue on the Chinese border as well. China claims Arunachal Pradesh and Southern Tibet Said to be located in Arunachal Pradesh Tawang But China’s view is the most skewed. It is a center of Buddhism and has long been a source of tension between India and China. Zhou Bo, a retired colonel of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, said it was not just about the Tawang sector.

He said, the entire Arunachal Pradesh, which we call South Tibet, has been illegally occupied by India. This is something that cannot be negotiated.

There are many areas over which the two countries have disputes. Of all these, Tawang is the place that tops China’s claim list. Zhu, who participated in India-China border talks as a military expert in the mid-1990s, said in an interview that Tawang is very important to China. The 6th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, was born there (in the 17th century). What more evidence is needed to prove that it is Chinese territory?

India claims its border based on the McMahon Line of 1914. China refuses to accept this line. Tawang is also important to China as it gives China an entry point into Arunachal Pradesh as well as India’s northeast.

Some experts believe that to strengthen its authority over Tibet, China wants to take control of Buddhist holy sites such as Tawang. When the present Dalai Lama came to India in 1959, he first crossed the mountain and reached Tawang.

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Liu Zhongyi, a senior fellow at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, said Tawang was at the heart of the deal China offered to India during negotiations in 2006. He said that based on the recovery of Tawang, China was ready to give up its claim to most of South Tibet (Arunachal Pradesh). In return, India had to accept Chinese control over Aksai Chin.

He said that the proposal was not agreed to because India was not ready to give up its interests in the East especially in Tawang and Aksai was also not ready to make concessions to China. However, India’s foreign secretary at the time, Shyam Sharan, said he did not remember any such proposal.

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Both the countries have been in continuous talks to reduce tension along the border and insist on maintaining peace along the border. However, there has not been much progress in this regard in recent times. Chinese troops tried to enter Tawang in December last year. Then there was a clash between the armies of both the countries. Indian troops then chased away the Chinese troops. After that India also increased preparations here.

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