March 20, 2023

China is building fast in LAC, strict vigilance should be kept Army Chief Manoj Pandey Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said China is building border infrastructure at a hectic pace along the LAC

Manoj Pandey on China: In a private event, Army Chief Manoj Pandey said that China is rapidly building up in the LAC and the neighboring country has not reduced its troop numbers in the LAC.

Army chief’s warning to China, said on Army Day – We are fully prepared in LAC

Image credit source: PTI

Manoj Pandey News:Continued for three years India-China border dispute Meanwhile, Army Chief Manoj Pandey made a big speech about the Chinese construction on the border. General Manoj Pandey said that China is building infrastructure along the border at a very fast pace and has not reduced its troop numbers in the LAC. He said, the situation on the border is stable, but we have to keep a close watch.

General Pandey said in a program on a TV channel, “We have sufficient number of forces to deal with any kind of calamity on the border, but there is no shortage in deployment of troops from neighboring countries.” China has a special emphasis on military modernization, especially along the LAC.

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Only through dialogue can we find solutions – General Pandey

“We are focusing on building China’s infrastructure, especially roads and helipads,” General Pandey said. He said that we are in talks to resolve the unresolved issues of East Ladakh. Until a solution is reached, troop deployment and alert will remain high. The army chief said, “We hope diplomatic and military talks with China will lead to a solution in eastern Ladakh. We can find a solution only by talking.”

Level of infiltration in LAC reduced – General Pandey

Regarding Pakistan, Army Chief Pandey said, “Army’s strong counter-infiltration grid along the 778 km long Line of Control (LAC) and the use of drones there have reduced the level of infiltration, but drop arms have increased. And drugs.” He said there has been no major reduction in the existing terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan.

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