October 6, 2022

Building brand Rahul: Bharat Joro Yatra, a good start but consistency is key

The former Congress president has a lot to do to build a new brand, Brand Rahul, through the Bharat Joro Yatra, and even after the nearly five-month-long padyatra is over, he has to work even harder.

Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi per Congress For the party as well as for yourself ‘India Joro Yatra’ Should have started earlier, so that through this he can erase the ‘Pappu’ image created by the opposition. Such an image-making project can be called the biggest, most expensive and successful media project of recent times. The former Congress president has a lot to do to build a new brand, Brand Rahul, through this journey and even after completing this nearly five-month-long padayatra, he has to work even harder. This is a good start, but it is important to see how much impact it has till the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Brand builders and Perception management specialist He says this is a start of realizing the reality that image improvement was vital, but he also believes that what Rahul does after February 2023 will be even more important. Through this, the image of brand Rahul will be fixed. India’s leading political campaign consultant, brand builder and perception management specialist Dilip Cherian Eradicating his negative image is not easy, but not impossible either.

Negative image of Brand Rahul

One good thing about politics is that image here is fleeting, says Cherian, “Brand Rahul has had a negative image for years. He himself is the cause and the organized efforts of the opposition are also the cause. These efforts have made a considerable impact and cannot be easily erased.” People soon forget things and what lies ahead becomes more influential. So if this journey is successful, as it has been so far, after six months Rahul Gandhi’s image could change dramatically. is considered

Cherian said, “If the image changes, hopefully he (Rahul Gandhi) will take inspiration from it and do big things, but he has to stay positive and make constant efforts to maintain this new image.” Founder and CEO of Bangalore-based PR company Brandcom Sridhar Ramanujam Also agree with Cherian. And they say that Rahul Gandhi has many things to do and this journey is one of them. He needs to show that he is connected to “reality” by looking at the dark image he has created so far.

“If people like me are to be reassured, Rahul Gandhi should take things seriously. Rahul is doing what the common man likes (which is also necessary) but ignoring the educated middle class will not do. It is not clear what he and his party think about this. “

The image of Rahul’s fickle nature is very strong.

Ramanujam says that one thing that concerns any brand builder is how serious a person is about their image. In the current context, Rahul Gandhi is reeling in, among other things, his apathy and preoccupation. “So they have to make a strong impression on people whenever they get the chance,” he said. I think his sportsmanship image is very strong. It can only be overcome with time and concerted effort. But overall this tour could be a good start to rebuilding his image.

Internally within Congress democracy needs to be installed. This is why the party organizational election to be held in October is important. Here too Rahul Gandhi’s decision is going to be important. He contests for the post of party president or stays out. His decision will affect his image and his team.

Rahul has to continue working even after the trip

Senior journalist and political expert Madhavan Narayanan It is believed that the image of ‘Pappu’ is a myth created by the BJP. “His image as a credible party leader needs to be enhanced and if he can properly highlight the problems of the people of North India, this visit will benefit him,” he said. Former editor of Business Today and Businessworld magazines Prasenjit Dutta believes that, “It depends on what Rahul Gandhi does after the yatra is over. Politics has become a 24X7, 365 days activity. After completion of journey it will have effect only for two-three months. After that, you have to work continuously.

Anyone can fix his image and so can Rahul Gandhi. The problem is that it requires a lot of money, a lot of effort and a lot of consistency. Dutt says he can definitely try. He said that the difference between Congress and BJP is that BJP keeps making false statements, but it keeps promoting it on WhatsApp, Twitter and every possible digital platform. Same with Aam Aadmi Party.

Consistency is important

Now Congress can do the same. But no one knows whether the Congress has that much money and whether they want to spend it. But the other thing is consistency. Dutt said, “Rahul Gandhi has shown understanding on many issues. But it does not work if it is not in the news and in the face of opposition. But one advantage of this visit is that those who are sitting dormant in the Congress and who think that Rahul does nothing or doubt his ability to work hard, will now start looking at him differently.”

Rahul Gandhi in continuous discussion for the last one and a half months. Now it depends on whether they continue to show such consistency and ensure that there is no infighting within the Congress and that the party does not make big mistakes like in Punjab and Uttarakhand. If that happens, he stays in the game. “He is on the right track, but the question is whether it is enough. A lot will depend on what they do next,” Dutt said, summing up Rahul Gandhi’s traveling politics.

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