March 27, 2023

BJP is good at politics… Demanding an apology, Tharoor said Rahul did not say such things. Shashi Tharoor says BJP has blamed Rahul Gandhi for something he did not say

Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor said that Rahul Gandhi did not say anything anti-national in his speech in London. Rahul has not said anything for which he needs to apologize.

Tharoor demands Rahul’s apology

Image credit source: PTI

Shashi Tharoor there isRahul Gandhi BJP has been targeted for demanding an apology. He said that Rahul Gandhi has not said anything for which he needs to apologise. Lok Sabha member Tharoor said that BJP is good at politics. He blamed Rahul Gandhi for something he did not say. Please say that Tharoor said these words during the ‘India Today Conclave’.

During the conclave, when Tharoor was asked about Rahul Gandhi’s speech in London, which had created so much controversy, the Congress leader replied that Rahul Gandhi had not said anything for which he needed to apologise. He said that Rahul did not talk about interference of other countries in Indian democracy.

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Rahul Gandhi did not say such a thing…

Tharoor also said that I don’t think the former Congress president has said anything that calls him a traitor. BJP is good at politics, it is forcefully accusing Rahul Gandhi and asking him for forgiveness. He said, there are many other problems in the country, which need to be addressed but no one is paying attention to them.

Clashes have been going on in Parliament for days

We tell you that there has been an uproar in Parliament for the past few days over a statement by Rahul Gandhi. There is an uproar in both the rooms. Rahul Gandhi reached Parliament on Thursday after returning from London. Here he met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and talked about addressing Parliament. Then came from there and held a press conference.

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Rahul made allegations against four BJP ministers

At that time he accused four BJP ministers. This time, the Congress leader alleged that the BJP had created a whole scene in Parliament to divert attention from Adani-related issues. I asked the Prime Minister about Adani, their relationship with him, but he has not yet answered. I hope I will be allowed to speak in Parliament.

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