March 20, 2023

BJP Congress workers clash, lots of lathi-charge behind festival celebrations in Karnataka BJP Congress workers clash over Ugadi festival in Karnataka

In Karnataka, the BJP has started to crack down on Congress workers. The point was that Congress workers wanted to celebrate Ugadi festival. Arguments and fights started before this.

In Karnataka The election campaign is intense is Assembly elections are going to be held in this state known as Gateway of South India. It is expected that the Karnataka assembly elections will be announced in the last week of March. But before that there was a ruckus between BJP and Congress. The war of words has now turned into a brawl. BJP Congress workers clashed with each other during Ugadi festival in Karnataka.

Ugadi is a famous festival of Karnataka. Workers of both parties use batons to celebrate the festival in Bengaluru. One of his videos is going viral on social media. In order to clearly see how the workers are running after each other. Poles are also visible in the hands of some of them.

Workers gathered to celebrate the festival

According to local media reports, Congress workers sought permission from the Municipal Corporation Department to celebrate Ugadi festival at the BGS ground in Vijayanagar on March 19. BJP workers did not agree to celebrate their festival. He was constantly opposing them. Congress workers made all preparations for the festival. Banners and posters have also been prepared. Controversy started when these posters were put up. After that the conflict started.

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Fight after fight

At first there was an argument between the two. A clash ensued between the two groups. What happened next, the stones lying around started raining on each other. Then there was the entry of sticks and rods, in which many people were injured. Police had to use mild force to disperse the workers, a video showed.

Had to resort to soft power

Police officials said that some people were injured in the clash. He was admitted to a nearby hospital. where he was treated and released. BJP has a government in Karnataka. However, elections are going to be held here in a few months. Congress is hopeful that this time it will be able to change the power. Rahul Gandhi’s India Jora Yatra spent most of his time in South India. The party is hopeful that its impact will be seen in the elections as well.

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