November 30, 2022

Ashok Gehlot said about Sachin Pilot, he cannot be made Chief Minister, he is a traitor to the party. Sachin Pilot Traitor, Amit Shah Wanted To Topple Govt, 10 Attacks On Ashok Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took a swipe at Sachin Pilot in his recent interview. He called the pilot a traitor. Gehlot said that Pilot, along with the BJP, tried to topple the government.

Ashok Gehlot is tough on Sachin Pilot

Rajasthan I am not calling the end of the Congress inner circle. now Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot there is Sachin Pilot A major attack on He called the pilot a traitor. Gehlot even said that a traitor cannot be the Chief Minister. He also said that it is not a big deal in Rajasthan, the media has exaggerated a bit. In every state there is some quarrel. Here it is always shown that there are two factions in Rajasthan.

As for what happened recently in Rajasthan, Gehlot said in an interview to NDTV that it was not a rebellion. The uprising happened earlier, when some people stayed at the hotel for 34 days. The 90 people who had gathered now helped save the government at that time. Government cannot survive without them.

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  1. Recently, when MLAs went against the party high command, Gehlot said it was due to a rumour. It was spread that Sachin Pilot will be made Chief Minister. The pilot himself spread this word. It was said that observers would come and a line proposal would be passed and the next day the pilots would be sworn in. Because of this, all MLAs are united.
  2. Gehlot accused the pilot of collapsing the government and said that Amit Shah was also involved. Dharmendra Pradhan was also involved and everyone was meeting in Delhi. Our MLAs were kept in Manesar for 34 days.
  3. Targeting Pilot, he said he tried to topple the government when he was the party president. He was the Deputy CMO. It has never happened in history that the leader of the party herself has brought down her own government and joined the opposition.
  4. On the news of High Command pilot being made Chief Minister, Gehlot said that he cannot be made Chief Minister. Who did not have 10 MLAs, who rebelled, were called traitors. Those who betrayed the party. How will it be accepted?
  5. Regarding Pilot’s relationship with BJP, he said, I have proof. BJP has distributed Rs. Some got 5, some got 10 crores. The money was taken from BJP’s Delhi office.
  6. To the question that Pilot was not expelled despite doing so much, he said it was the first time that a party president was sacked. He was not fired, he was asked to resign, but why was he fired? I was removed from the post of Deputy Chief Minister while being Chief Minister? Why did this happen?
  7. Gehlot said that there was a lot of anger among the MLAs, he (the pilot) would have apologized to the high command. He had to apologize to the people of Rajasthan. He had to apologize to the legislators. If he had apologised, I wouldn’t have had to apologise. Had the pilot apologized, there would have been no rebellion against him. There was a revolt of 90 MLAs against the pilot and after that many of our ministers also said that they could not accept the traitor.
  8. He said, I also agree with this. Make anyone from among our 102 MLAs as Chief Minister, no problem. But how can we accept the one who cheated. No one will accept the pilot.
  9. The Chief Minister said, the atmosphere is such that it seems that we are going to form the government. Many of our schemes are excellent. everyone is happy I think this is the first time, or after a long time, that there is no anti-incumbency wave in Rajasthan.
  10. He said that it is wrong to claim that Sachin Pilot had promised a change of chief minister in 2018. The High Command gave me no indication of change.

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