November 30, 2022

Apple Watch saves a Pune teenager’s life, thanks Tim Cook Apple Watch Saves Pune Youth’s Life, Thanks to Tim Cook

Apple Watch has once again saved the life of a teenager in Pune. He mailed and thanked the Apple Watch CEO. Tim Cook answered his mail.

The Apple Watch saved lives

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one more time apple watch Saved a teenage boy’s life. of Maharashtra Pune This 17-year-old boy who lives there himself reported the matter. The boy said that while he was lying injured, he called his friends from the Apple Watch. Friends came and saved him. This boy named Smit Metha mailed this incident to the CEO of Apple. Tim Cook Tim Cook also shared his reply.

According to information provided to the English newspaper Times of India, Smit Mehta told Tim Cook in an email that he slipped down the mountain while trekking in the Lonavla area. Because of this he fell into the ditch. Due to this he suffered a lot of injuries. He immediately called his friends from his Apple Watch. His friends come and save him. He thanked Tim Cook for this. Tim Cook also replied to her mail and thanked her in return.

Apple Watch survived falling into a ditch and stuck in a tree

According to Smit Metha, the incident was on July 11. He went trekking to Lonavla with three friends from his home in Pune. It was rainy season, so smooth was the stone. Due to this, while returning, his feet slipped and fell into a ditch 130 to 150 feet deep. As he fell he rested on a tree branch and a rock. Due to this he was seriously injured.

Apple Watch comes in handy, connecting with loved ones even without a phone

He was in no condition to get up on his own. Suddenly he realizes his phone is in his friend’s bag. But luckily the network was on on his Apple Watch. With this help he called his family and friends. They came and rescued him and brought him out of there. Talking to India Today, he said, ‘I think I am alive today because I have a cellular Apple Watch model. It has connected me to my family and friends despite not calling at the right time.

After this, Smit Metha was admitted to Lonavla Hospital. Due to the depth of the wound, the surgery was performed in Pune on 16 July. Even after this some complications remain. Due to which he had to come to Mumbai for treatment. Finally, on August 7, he was discharged from the hospital here.

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Smit Mehta wrote this to Tim Cook, the CEO replied

“My Apple Watch came to my rescue,” wrote Smit Metha in his email to Tim Cook. I was able to make important calls only with its help. Reacting to the teenager from Pune, Apple CEO Tim Cook wished him a speedy recovery and thanked him for sharing his story. Tim Cook also wrote, ‘Looks like it was a freak accident.’

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