March 20, 2023

An MBBS student who dreamed of becoming the village’s first woman doctor died of a heart attack. MBBS student of Jodhpur dies in Mizoram Medical College

Anita, a resident of a small village in Jodhpur, died at the Mizoram Medical College. She was an MBBS final year student.

MBBS student died in Mizoram Medical College

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Aizawl: Mizoram Medical College on Wednesday Jodhpur An MBBS student died. The student’s name is Anita Kanwar. Anita was a final year MBBS student. He is a resident of a small village in Jodhpur district. It is said that Anita died of cardiac arrest.

Anita dreamed of becoming the first woman doctor in her village. Zoram Medical College faculty member Saya Chenkual said, ‘He was going to take the final exam on Thursday. Anita’s parents reached Aisle after this incident.

Death due to cardiac arrest

Saya, a member of the faculty, said that the cause of his death will not be known until the autopsy is done. However, it appears that he suffered a pulmonary embolism/severe heart attack (cardiac arrest).

He said it was not yet decided whether Anit’s last rites would be performed here or the body would be sent back to his village. At the same time, Anita’s classmate said that she (Anita) dreamed of becoming the first woman doctor in her village.

The heart stops suddenly

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops beating suddenly, causing people to die instantly. Many people have lost their lives due to cardiac arrest in the last few days. Cardiac arrest can occur at any time.

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