March 27, 2023

An associate of thug Kiran Bhai Patel, son of a Gujarat CMO officer, has been called in by the police for questioning. Kiran Bhai Patel, a member of the fake PMO officer’s team, is the son of the Gujarat CMO officer

Kiran Bhai’s fake official team consisted of three people who visited Kashmir posing as fake PMO officers, one of whom was the son of a Gujarat CMO officer.

Fake PMO Officer Kiran Bhai Patel

New Delhi. Fake PMO officer says Jammu and Kashmir Official Visiting Thug Kiran Bhai Patel Two from Gujarat were also included in the fake official team. Jammu and Kashmir Police has called him for questioning. According to sources, one of the accused, Amit Hitesh Pandya, is the son of an officer in the Gujarat Chief Minister’s office. After the arrest of Kiran Bhai Patel, the police let Amit Hitesh Pandya and Joy Sitapara go.

The reason given by the police is that they feel that Kiran Bhai is cheating them the way others are being cheated. A police official said this on condition of anonymity. They both visited Kashmir as an official team along with thug Kiran Bhai Patel. Let us tell you that Kiran Bhai Patel has made two visits to Jammu and Kashmir, impersonating himself as a senior officer in the Prime Minister’s Office.

During Kiran’s visit, he received all the privileges of VVIP treatment given to a government official. These benefits include Z Plus security, official accommodation in a 5 star hotel and more.

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Amit’s father Hitesh Pandya is a public relations officer in the Gujarat Chief Minister’s office. Hitesh says he knows his son has been called to Jammu and Kashmir for questioning. However, this time he categorically denied that his son had done anything wrong. He says that he has full faith in his son that he can do no wrong. Hitesh said, at the moment, he does not know what the police have written about his son.

In this whole incident, a police officer said, Amit’s father has nothing to do with any work. Amit is 45 years old and runs a company himself with no interference from his father.

Please state that Amit was arrested on March 2, which was kept under wraps by the police. The story of his arrest came to light recently when the magistrate remanded him to judicial custody. The police have denied all allegations that they released three members of Kiran’s fake official team during the investigation. According to the police, they were released at that time but they called again and are investigating.

Thug Kiran Bhai Patel’s fake official team includes Gujarat’s Amit Hitesh Pandya and Jai Sitapara and another Trilok Singh from Rajasthan. They all stayed with Patel in a File Star hotel in Srinagar. They all called themselves officers of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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