March 20, 2023

After 30 international passengers entered through the inner gate, there was a commotion, which the official said was a human error. 30 international passengers entered through the internal gate of Bengaluru airport

30 foreign passengers entered through wrong gate due to human error at Bengaluru International Airport. There he waited for his luggage. After a long time, when the officials found out, they were sent to the international arrival gate.

Image Credit Source: @chandra3789 Twitter handle.

A strange situation has arisen at Bangalore International Airport. The hands and feet of security forces and airport officials were swollen. In fact, 30 international passengers reached the domestic baggage counter. This causes confusion. All these passengers were traveling on Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL173. As soon as he reached the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, he boarded a bus and reached the airport. From where they had to leave with their belongings. But here is the mistake.

As many as 30 international passengers were dropped at the domestic entry gate of Bengaluru airport without immigration, due to which the passengers got confused and entered the airport from the same gate. But the officials were shocked. Officials rushed there and heard the whole thing.

The airport has been cleared

A statement has also been issued by the airport authority in this regard. He said, it is human error. This has caused confusion. All passengers were sent to the International Baggage Counter as soon as the officials were informed.

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It happened due to human error

He further informed that thirty passengers traveling in Sri Lanka Airlines UL 173 were supposed to be taken to the international gate after disembarking the flight but the bus dropped them at the domestic entry gate. Because of this, all those passengers came in from the same gate and started waiting for the luggage. But his luggage did not arrive there for long. A similar incident happened in January this year. But the incident was of domestic passengers. This flight was supposed to arrive from Bengaluru to Delhi. Passengers were waiting for the shuttle to collect boarding passes. And the flight takes off without him.

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