November 30, 2022

A study in four Indian states found that 3 out of every 5 minors in child marriage became pregnant as teenagers. Girls are victims of child marriage, with three out of five teenage girls becoming pregnant

The NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) reports that child marriage has a detrimental effect on girls’ sexual and reproductive health.

Girls are victims of child marriage.

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Child marriage still continues in the country. In some states people are still doing this illegal work. Its side effects are also seen. According to a new report conducted in four states of the country, three out of five child bride She became pregnant in her teens. This is claimed in the report. The NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) reports that child marriage has a detrimental effect on girls’ sexual and reproductive health as most of them become mothers before reaching adulthood.

The survey was conducted in 40 villages in eight blocks of Chittur, Chandauli, Parvani and Kandhamal in four districts of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha. The study was conducted on the occasion of Children’s Day and Child Protection Week (November 14 to 20). The survey claimed that only 16 percent of parents and in-laws and 34 percent of child brides and grooms are aware of the negative consequences of child marriage.

Child marriage is dangerous for girls

This study sheds light on the social norms and practices that influence the perception of child marriage in society. Other factors contributing to child marriage are extreme poverty, forced migration and gender inequality, it said. The survey results also indicate that lack of educational opportunities due to problems of access, availability and affordability of schools forces girls to drop out of school, increasing their risk of early marriage compared to boys.

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The High Court commented on the work

On the other hand, in another news report, the Bombay High Court, while hearing a case in October, said that if a married woman is asked to do housework for the family, her work cannot be compared. domestic help and it would not amount to cruelty. The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court made the comments while hearing a case filed by a woman. The woman filed a case against the estranged husband and her parents under domestic violence and cruelty, which was dismissed by the High Court. (from input language)

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