March 20, 2023

Warrant issued again against KRK! Manoj Vajpayee filed a defamation case. Manoj Bajpayee’s Indore district court has issued an arrest warrant against Kamal Rashid Khan for defamation.

We tell you that Kamal Rashid had made indecent tweets against actor Manoj Vajpayee on social media. KRK calls him a drug addict. After this, on Thursday, the court issued a warrant against KRK on the complaint of Manoj Vajpayee.

Manoj Vajpayee

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Kamal Rashid Khan, who describes himself as a film criticKRK) aka KRK is going to court again. Yes, famous Bollywood artist Manoj Bajpayee filed a defamation case against him a few days ago. In fact, the Indore District Court has issued an arrest warrant against KRK. Let’s find out what the whole thing is?

We tell you that KRK abused Manoj Vajpayee a lot on social media. KRK called the actor Charsi and Ganjedi on Twitter. Then Manoj Vajpayee filed a case against him. Not only that, Kamal Rashid called the actor a drug addict in a tweet. The court then issued a warrant against KRK on Thursday.

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On Thursday, Manoj Vajpayee’s lawyer Paresh Joshi shared information about KRK’s arrest warrant. Earlier, on May 13, 2022, the Madhya Pradesh High Court dismissed the case.

Please state that on July 26, 2021, KRK created a stir with his tweet against Manoj Vajpayee. Manoj Vajpayee in a case filed in the district court accused KRK of tweeting against him through various Twitter handles with the intention of tarnishing his image.

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He also gave a statement in his defense in the High Court on behalf of Kamal Rashid Khan. He said that he had never made any comments or posts intended to insult any actor or celebrity in the Indian film industry. Please tell that this is not the first time that KRK has been caught in a court case. Several complaints have been made against him before this. He is often seen commenting on films and actors.

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