November 30, 2022

Swara Bhaskar’s anger in Shraddha Walker’s murder case, said – that monster…

Film actress Swara Bhaskar has expressed her anger over Shraddha Walker’s murder case. He tweeted that he hoped to finish the investigation quickly.

Swara Bhaskar

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Actress Swara Bhaskar has expressed outrage over the brutal murder of a 28-year-old female live-in partner in Delhi’s Mehrauli and subsequent dismemberment into 35 pieces. He said, I have no words to speak about this scary, terrible and sad matter. Swara Bhaskar expressed hope that the police would act quickly on the matter and punish the accused.

Swara Bhaskar tweeted, “There are no words to express how scary, dangerous and tragic this is. I think of the girl who was betrayed by the one she loved and trusted. It is hoped that the police will finish their investigation soon and the giant is also expected to be punished severely.


Swara Bhaskar’s tweet

What is the whole thing?

According to the Delhi Police, a person named Aftab Poonawala lived with Shraddha Walker. In mid-May, the two quarreled over the marriage, after which Aftab killed Shraddha. The accused then cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces and dumped it in the Chhatarpur forest. Due to her relationship with Aftab, Shraddha did not socialize properly with her family members. According to the complaint filed by Shraddha’s father in Mumbai, Aftab used to beat Shraddha and Shraddha told this in front of her family members.

Police took Aftab to Chhatarpur forest

Delhi Police on Tuesday took Aftab to Chhatarpur forest where he allegedly dumped the body parts. A senior police official said that the accused Aftab Amin Poonawala will be taken to Chhatarpur forest and some other places in the city under the investigation of this murder.

Police said the accused bought a fridge to store the body parts and used to leave in the middle of the night to dispose of the pieces. Police said the accused carefully planned to dispose of the pieces based on which part of the body started to decompose early.

According to the police, 13 fragments were recovered from the area where the accused had given information about dumping the body parts, but whether they are related to the victim will be confirmed only after forensic investigation. The police have not yet found the weapon used in the murder.

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