November 30, 2022

Shemaru Umang will enthrall his audience with the suspenseful fantasy drama show Raj Mahal

Release Date: | Thursday, 24 November 2022 10:57 AM (IST)

Shemaru Umang is all set to enthrall his audience with his power packed original fantasy drama Raj Mahal. From November 28, the show will air on the channel’s prime time slot from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm. This interesting story revolves around the charming Chandralekha who is a dakini, who is searching for a royal blood to fulfill her goal of immortality, so she captures Adhiraj, the prince of the royal family. Adhiraj considers her as his mother. . A beautiful love story begins in this story when a kind and pure hearted girl Sunaina and Prince Adhiraj fall in love with each other. In this situation, it is a matter of seeing if Chandralekha will allow their love to be fulfilled! Can Sunayana’s truth, a devotee of Mata, defeat Chandralekha’s evil intentions?

So get ready to watch this unique and powerful story of Shemaru Umang.

The show stars Riddhima Tiwari, Neha Harsora, Himanshu Soni in lead roles. The list also features many more veteran actors, including big names like Preity Puri, Ashish Dral, Himani Sharma, Arina Dey and many more.

Sharing her thoughts on the story and her character Chandralekha, actress Riddhima Tiwari said, “Raj Mahal, combines its many mysteries and amazing scenes with this powerful emotional story. I am very happy to play an important role in this show. This character is very different from any character I have played so far and I am very excited to play this role in front of the audience and get their feedback on it.”

Actor Himanshu Soni who plays Prince Adhiraj in the show said, “I am very happy to be a part of Raj Mahal. The show has a unique premise and viewers will definitely love the story of Dakinis and a royal family. Looking forward to it. My fans in this new look and character. Reaction. I hope I do justice to the character of Adhiraj.”

Excited about the show and her character, actress Neha Harsora said, “Raj Mahal is sure to enthrall the audience with its unique storyline and stunning visuals. I am very excited to be a part of this show and my character will represent courage and heroism. The audience is eagerly waiting to watch the show.”

The grand set of the Raj Mahal will add charm to this poignant story of the royal family, while the VFX used for the show will mesmerize the audience. With this show, it’s a commendable effort by Shemaru Umang, who is all set to add something new to the Indian family’s plate of countless shows. Watch Raj Mahal on November 28, Monday to Saturday at 8:30pm only at Shemaru Umang.

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