March 20, 2023

Satish Kaushik’s death: From Javed Akhtar to Ali Fazal, what did those who celebrated last Holi with Satish Kaushik say? , Satish Kaushik Death Javed Akhtar Farhan Akhtar Ali Fazal Rich Chadda Mahima Chowdhury Reaction Holi

Satish Kaushik Death: On February 7, Satish Kaushik celebrated Holi with stars like Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Ali Fazal. At the same time, everyone’s heart was broken by his death.

Satish Kaushik passed away

Image credit source: Twitter

Death of Satish Kaushik, Bollywood Its best actor Satish Kaushik No more in this world. News of his death came to the fore on Thursday morning, which surprised everyone. The only question that arises in everyone’s mind is that how did the person who participated in the Holi celebrations with great enthusiasm 2 days ago suddenly bid farewell to this world?

On 7 February, Bollywood screenwriter Javed Akhtar hosted a Holi party, which was also attended by Satish Kaushik. Stars like Farhan Akhtar, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha and Mahima Chowdhury also attended the party. At the same time, Satish Kaushik celebrated the festival of Holi with all of them, the picture of which he himself shared on social media on March 8. Now let’s find out what those with whom he celebrated Holi said on his death.

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What did Javed Akhtar say?

Javed Akhtar shared a picture from the Holi party on Twitter and wrote, “Satish was a man full of warmth, love and humor who was like a brother to me for the last 40 years. He was 12 years younger than me. Satish ji, it was not your turn.

Sharing a post on Instagram, Farhan Akhtar said, “Rest in peace Satish Chacha. I still can’t believe you’re gone. We celebrated Holi together two days ago. You will always be missed.

I used to hug you, talk to you – Mahima Chowdhury

Mahima Chowdhury also felt very sad about the demise of Satish Kaushik. He wrote, “You have been my biggest cheerleader since I started my journey in films. You will leave so soon, if I had known, I would have hugged you for a long time in the last meeting, I would have talked a lot.

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Ali Fazal also remembered

Ali Fazal also shared pictures from the Holi party and said, “Last day I met you, we played Holi, broke bread. That’s how it is. It’s not your time yet sir. I don’t even want to say rest. Ali Fazal also said, I am very sorry for those you have left behind.

On the other hand, Ali Fazal’s wife Richa Chadha reacted with a broken heart emoji while retweeting the Holi picture shared by Satish Kaushik.

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