March 20, 2023

Satish Kaushik mourns the death of his son, becomes a father again at the age of 56.. See beautiful family photos

The sudden death of veteran Bollywood actor and director Satish Kaushik has cast a shadow of grief in the film world. Now his fans and close friends are mourning. Talking about the family of this veteran actor, his wife’s name is Shashi Kaushik, as well as his only daughter is Banshika Kaushik.

Satish Kaushik married in 1985

Satish Kaushik, who used to make people laugh with various roles in films, was also a hilarious and lively person in real life. He has achieved a lot in his film career but his personal life has always been full of ups and downs. Satish Kaushik Net Worth: Know how much wealth Satish Kaushik has left to his children

Satish Kaushik married Shashi Kaushik in 1985. After a year he got a son by God’s blessings. Whose name was Shanu Kaushik.

The son died at the age of 2 years

After marriage and the birth of a son, Satish Kaushik seemed to have all the happiness in the world, but his fate had something else in store for him and he died when his son was just two years old. This veteran was devastated after losing a piece of his liver. The saddest part was that still no sound came to his house. Noted actor-director Satish Kaushik is no more in this world, breathed his last at the age of 66.

Satish Kaushik became a father at the age of 56

Almost 25 years after his son’s death, at the age of 56, Satish Kaushik decided to add color to his monotonous life and fathered a daughter with the help of surrogacy technique. In 2012, Satish and his partner Shashi Kaushik became parents again and were blessed with a daughter. Which was named by Banshika Kaushik. But now he is gone leaving his wife and daughter alone forever.

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