March 20, 2023

Rani Mukherjee arrives at the Golden Temple on the release of Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway, the picture goes viral with her hands folded. Rani Mukherjee Bollywood Actress Visits Golden Temple Blessing Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway Release

Rani Mukerji Golden Temple Visit: Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is in the headlines for her comeback film Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway. On the one hand politics is seen with this film of the actress, on the other hand the fans are also loving the film.

Actress Rani Mukerji

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Ms. Chatterjee v. Norway: Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee Her film Mrs. Chatterjee Varges has made a comeback with Norway and her comeback is very special. their film Getting good views from fans. Although the film did not do anything special at the box office, those who are watching the film are not tired of praising the film and Rani. The film’s release was celebrated by Rani Mukerji at a special event and she arrived at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Some pictures of actress Rani Mukherjee are going viral on social media, showing her arriving at the Golden Temple to seek Waheguru’s blessings. The actress is seen standing in a traditional dress and with folded hands. At this time Rani is wearing a pink salwar-suit and colorful phulkari dupatta covering her head. Apart from this, the actress is also wearing sunglasses. At this time, Rani is seen in plain clothes. This picture of him is going viral on social media.

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Talking about Rani Mukerji’s films, her film Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway released on Friday. The film earned Rs 1.27 crore on its first day. A lot of films were released along with the release of this movie, so the collection of this film can be considered decent. The film is directed by Ashima Chhibbar. The film is inspired by Sagarika Chatterjee, a woman who was molested in Norway.

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Although some objections were raised by the Norwegian Embassy about this picture, the victim Sagarika later shared the video and spoke openly about the matter and denied the statements made by the Embassy. As soon as the film was released, politics started about it. Currently this film of Rani is loved by fans and viewers are giving good views.

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