February 5, 2023

Raj Kapoor was once crazy about this actress. The story was told by son Rishi Kapoor himself

Rishi Kapoor is a superstar of the Bollywood industry. He left a mark in the Bollywood industry during his time. Although he is not with us today, his memory is still in everyone’s mind. Her father Raj Kapoor is also a superstar of the Bollywood industry. Apart from films, Raj Kapoor was also in discussion due to his personal life. Rishi Kapoor revealed a lot about his family in his book ‘Khullam Khulla’. In this book he also revealed his father’s relationship with actresses.

In this book he said that his father Raj Kapoor had an affair with Nargis and Baijayanthimala. When he was in a relationship with Nargis, the whole family knew about it. After this there was no change in his home and his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor opposed it when it came to Baijayanthimala.

Raj Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor wrote in his book, When I was very young. At that time my father had a relationship with actress Nargis. But I was not impressed at all by their relationship. Because of this I don’t remember anything that happened at home. But I remember when my father was associated with Vayjayanthimala, my mother opposed it. At that time we stayed at Nataraj Hotel on Marine Drive and for 2 months we shifted to an apartment in Chitrakoot. My mother continued to fight and did not give up until this chapter of her life was over.

Raj Kapoor

It was later revealed that their relationship was for the promotion of the film. Rishi Kapoor wrote, In an interview a few years ago, Baijayanthimala categorically denied any relationship with my father. He claimed that this was done only for publicity. I got angry after hearing that. He had no right to distort any truth. Because now he is not present to tell the truth. Also Read: 9 Out Of 10 People Can’t Recognize Who Is This Girl Standing With Raj Kapoor?

Raj Kapoor

When this book came out, many media friends wanted to know my reaction on it. But with time my anger subsided. I can say with complete confidence that if Baba were alive today, he would have been exposed if he had not publicly denied his relationship with Vayjanthimala. My father lived his life on his own terms, he was not hungry for any publicity. Let us tell you that the legendary Raj Kapoor and Baijayanthimala worked together in Najrana in 1961 and Sangam in 1964. Also Read: Kumar Gaurav broke off engagement with Raj Kapoor’s daughter because of this actress.

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