March 27, 2023

Nice practice? Why did the director who made ‘Balika Badhu’ question this idea? Balika Badhu film is based on child marriage, now questions are raised about the director

The 1976 film Balika Vaadu Ki Kahani tried to distance people from the truth. The director of the film, Tarun Majumder, presented a beautiful story of child marriage.

Mumbai: It is said that love has no age, but marriage does and should. child marriage Right or wrong, this issue has been discussed and debated for centuries. But now the situation has changed and the government has set a suitable age for marriage. But there was a time when child marriage was considered the best decision for children’s future. Many have come forward and fought long to stop this practice.

Everyone will remember the small screen serial ‘Balika Vaadu’. This serial which came in 2008 was loved in every home and the story of the show left a deep impression on people. Believe me, people were so attached to this serial that even the people sitting at home felt bad when the show got into an anandy problem. An attempt has been made to convey a message to the society through the story.

Social messages are given at the end of each episode. Which was prepared in pure words. This story told everyone that child marriage is a bad idea. It was a practice that would have ruined the lives of many children. Many minors have even lost their lives due to this practice. Through child marriage, girls are pushed into the darkness of life. It was always an offensive idea.

But while many people think this practice is wrong, film director Tarun Mazumdar has a slightly different thinking. He produced the film Balika Bhadhu in 1976. This film was liked a lot because its story was completely out of touch with the truth. This is a story that shows that child marriage is a beautiful practice. Where two teenage married couple are enjoying their married life.

Both are so lost in each other that they have no sense of themselves. On one side where the boy is seen studying, on the other hand the girl is seen performing all the responsibilities of being his wife. This story seems like the director tried to show that the secret to a successful marriage is to get children married at an early age so that they have no other option.

Child love is understandable, but child marriage raises questions. Similarly, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmaavat shows that Jawahar’s practice was a matter of pride. Without breaking this tradition, the story of this film is presented in a way that convinces Johar. Women should wear jewels when times are tough.

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