September 25, 2022

Nasim Shah was unwilling to recognize Urbashi Rautela, the actress took this drastic step

Does Urvashi Rautela really like cricket or does she come to watch cricket surrounded by controversy. This is a question that has been raised by many these days. In fact, ever since Urvashi shared the role with Naseem Shah, the actress has been constantly trolled. This is how Naseem Shah looked when Urvashi Rautela made her Bollywood debut

On 4 September, Urvashi Rautela came to the stadium to watch the match between Pakistan and India. After the match, Urvashi shared a video from her Insta story. Where Naseem Shah is seen smiling on the field and Urvashi is seen in a shy state. After the video went viral, both the names were linked together but the episode took an interesting turn when Naseem Shah said in a press conference that ‘Who is Urvashi Rautela? I don’t go. 7 Unheard Facts About Pakistani Fast Bowler Naseem Shah

Following Naseem’s statement, Urvashi also clarified that the video was created by her fan page and shared by her team. Meanwhile, now there are reports that Urvashi has unfollowed Naseem Shah on Instagram. The media is also claiming that Naseem recently followed Urvashi Rautela on Instagram but unfollowed her after a while. Who is Urvashi Rautela? Who said Naseem Shah followed Urvashi on Instagram… but again

Social media fans are sharing screenshots of Naseem Shah and Urvashi Rautela. Where both are seen following and unfollowing each other. After the video, both are now in the limelight due to Instagram follow-unfollows. Nasim Shah said, ‘I don’t know who Urvashi Rautela is?’ Now Urvashi gave a worthy answer

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