March 20, 2023

Karthik Aaryan: Karthik Aaryan is getting married soon, the actor announced at a gathering

Release Date: | Sun, 19 March 2023 03:44 PM (IST)

Karthik Aryan: Karthik Aryan is the rising star of Bollywood. Lately the craze among his fans is increasing. Karthik continues to deliver hit films. Karthik’s Bhool Bhulaya 2 was a superhit last year. This film did well at the box office. Fans of the actor are very eager to see him on the big screen. Recently there is a big news about Karthik Aaryan. This time the news is not about Karthik’s film, but about Karthik’s marriage. Now there is news that Kartik Aryan is also mixing with the single.

Karthik Aryan will get married soon

Many Bollywood stars are going to tie the knot these days. Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani tied the knot recently. The wedding pictures of the two have also gone viral on social media. Fans loved these pictures a lot. Now the news is coming that Kartik Aryan is also going to get married. This is what Karthik himself said. Karthik shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video, Karthik is making an entry on the stage of Zee Cine Awards with dhol and drum. After this, Karthik said, ‘Look, in Bollywood one band after another is playing, all the horses are riding, everyone’s wickets are falling. But still not a single wicket has fallen.

Wedding announcement at Zee Cine Awards

Next to this, Karthik said, ‘Who is lagging behind in the worthy singer club? I am, but now the weather is changing. Even this tough guy is melting. I also thought I would eat wedding laddu. I have done the panchanama of love, now I am doing the panchanama of marriage. So with this platform as a witness today I want to announce to all my fans and the industry that I am going to get married. After Karthik’s announcement, people sitting in the audience started laughing a lot. This video of Karthik is also going viral on social media. It is not yet clear whether Karthik really made this announcement or it was just a joke.

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