October 4, 2022

Jacqueline questioned the investigating agency as to why Nora Fatehi was being treated differently

According to the latest report obtained by EOW, Jacqueline Fernandez questioned the investigating agencies as to why Nora was being treated differently, even though she also received gifts.

Jacqueline Fernandez questioned the investigating agency

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Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez was interrogated for nearly 8 hours by the Economic Offenses Wing of the Delhi Police on Wednesday in connection with the thug Sukesh case. At the same time, Delhi Police’s whip on Nora Fatehi is also going on continuously. The EOW also issued a summons to Nora Fatehi to appear at 11 am today, Thursday. The actress was then questioned about her friendship with Sukesh and her work with him. According to the latest report of the Economic Offenses Wing, Jacqueline asked Nora shocking questions during the investigation.

We tell you that Jacqueline questioned during the investigation why the investigating agencies are treating Nora Fatehi differently, even though she also received valuable and expensive gifts from Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Nora Fatehi was interrogated by the Economic Wing of Delhi Police at 11 am today. After this, according to Delhi Police Special CP Crime Ravindra Yadav, Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez have no direct connection with Sukesh Chandrasekhar in this case.

Not only this, Nora Fatehi was summoned by the police to join the investigation in the Rs 200 crore money laundering case involving gangster Sukesh Chandrasekhar. The ED has already named Jacqueline Fernandez in the chargesheet in the case and she has been questioned several times. Now, apart from these two, the names of four other actresses have come forward in this case, who will be questioned.

Sukesh offered Pinky 12 crore rupees

According to reports, Sukesh offered Pinky Rs 12 crore to introduce him to Bollywood actresses including Jacqueline Fernandez while in jail. Pinky then accepts this amount and introduces the actresses to Sukesh. Pinky tells Jacqueline that Sukesh has been framed by the media and that he is completely innocent.

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Jacqueline was mistakenly identified by Pinky

At the same time, Sukesh’s close associate Pinky Irani was accused by Jacqueline of introducing Sukesh to her under a false identity. On the other hand, Pinky made serious allegations against Sukesh of involvement in the extortion racket. Now the Economic Wing of Delhi Police is trying its best to solve this Rs 200 crore money laundering case.

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