November 30, 2022

Jabran Ullu Web Series (2022) Story, Star Cast, How to Watch, Release Date

Here we will discuss the new upcoming Ullu web series called Jabraan. In this article we will cover Jabran Ullu web series All details:

  • the cast
  • release date
  • the story
  • how to watch
  • all episodes
  • Streaming platform

We know that Ullu is the best platform to watch the latest upcoming adult and hot web series released on OTT platform Ullu.

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Jabran Ullu Web Series Cast:

So first we discuss the original cast names of Jabran Ullu web series.

  1. Donna Muncie
  2. Mahi Khan
  3. Jatin Bhatia

Release Date:

Jabran Ullu web series will release on 29th 29th October 2022 above Ullu OTT platform And this web series will be released in Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages.

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name forced
OTT platform the owl
the cast Donna Muncie
Mahi Khan
Jatin Bhatia
release date 29th October 2022
the season 1
Episode runtime 25-30 minutes
the language hindi
clause Drama and Romance

Now tell about the concept or story of Jabran Ullu web series, so the story starts with a brutal love story between a newly married couple (husband and wife). In fact, the wife wants everything soft and normal, and the husband on the first night of marriage is very eager for their first night.

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But suddenly the story takes a turn as the wife does not like this behavior of her husband and she says who does such heinous acts.

Now to know whether the brutal story of these two can turn into a love story or not, this web series must be watched.

How to Watch Jabran Ullu Web Series:

After understanding the story of Jabran web series, a question will come in your mind that how to watch this web series so the answer is very simple, you can watch this web series easily. OTT platform Ullu,

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All episodes:

Also click here a question how many episodes are there in Jabran Ullu web series, bollywood hindi wise will be there 2 episodes release on 29th October 2022, and the length of each episode is 15 – 30 minutes.


So OTT platform ULLU does a new thing every time and it brings new ideas and audience also like their content every time and give positive feedback. Hope the new upcoming web series Jabraan released on Ullu will be liked by the viewers.


Name of the original cast of Jabran web series?

Jabran Web Series Original Cast Name:
Donna Muncie
2. Eat Mahi
3. Jatin Bhatia

How many episodes in Jabran web series?

there 2 episodes In Jabran web series and the length of each episode 15 – 30 minutes.

What is Jabran Web Series an OTT platform?

The the owl Jabran is an OTT platform of web series.

What is the release date of Jabran web series?

Jabran Ullu web series will release on 29th 29th October 2022,

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