March 27, 2023

Is Kapil Sharma a D grade actor? This actor who named the film said this. krk says kapil sharma d grade actor also commented on his film

Krk Says Kapil Sharma D Grade Actor: Kapil Sharma is in the limelight for his recently released film Zwigato. Meanwhile, an actor called him a D-grade actor.

Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma D grade actor says to KRK: Make people laugh with comedy Kapil Sharma Also seen in many films. 17 March his film zvigato Released theatrically, it is based on Delivery Boy and features Kapil in the role of Delivery Boy. He is making headlines with this film. Kapil has already got the title of D-grade actor.

The person who gave such a tag to Kapil Sharma is none other than film critic KRK, whose full name is Kamal Rashid Khan and he has also acted in many films. KRK often makes comments against Bollywood stars. Apart from this he also reviews films. And this time he commented on Kapil Sharma.

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Called Kapil Sharma a D-grade actor

KRK tweeted on Sunday and wrote, “Many people are asking me to review Kapil Sharma’s film Sharma Karo. Dear people, I am really sorry that I am not able to review the film. Because I don’t review C-grade films with D-grade actors.

User KRK is an E-Grade reviewer

Notably, whenever KRK writes such things on Twitter, many users troll him furiously. At the same time, something similar is visible below this tweet. One said, “Yes, you are right. E-Grade critics cannot review such films. Another user said, “He is a Z grade actor himself.” Another user said, “Don’t mind it bro, Kapil is a celebrity and you are a YouTuber.” But Kapil Sharma is well known through comedy. At the same time, before Zwigato, she also acted in Kis Kisco Pair Karun Aami and Firangi.

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Kapil Sharma

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