October 7, 2022

Feroze Khan’s wife, accused of physical abuse, will divorce after 4 years of relationship

People turned against Feroze Khan after such information came out. He is being heavily trolled in Pakistan. Now he has responded to this.

Feroze Khan with wife Alije Sultan

Image Credit Source: Instagram

Pakistani actor Feroze Khan is getting involved in controversy. After 4 years, he is going to part with his wife Alije Sultan. The actor’s wife has made serious allegations against him. Feroze Khan is being trolled on social media after these allegations. In fact, Alizee shared a post on her Instagram account, which is increasingly going viral on social media. After this post, Feroze Khan is facing questions.

Wife Aliz accused Feroze Khan of physical abuse

Alije Sultan, wife of Pakistani actor Feroze Khan, on Wednesday confirmed her separation from the actor after alleging physical violence against him. Alizee aired the news that has been hitting the internet for some time on her Instagram account. Now she wants to end her marriage completely. She wrote, “Our four-year marriage was a complete mess. During this period, apart from constant physical and mental violence, I had to endure betrayal, blackmail and humiliation at the hands of my husband.

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Divorce decision after 4 years of relationship

Alije also said, “After deep consideration, I have come to the sad conclusion that I cannot spend the rest of my life in this horrible way.” Thinking about my children’s future and well-being played an important role in making this decision. I don’t want her to grow up in a toxic, unhealthy and violent home.

Children’s mental health suffers – Alije

He also wrote, “I am afraid that exposure to such a hostile environment will negatively affect his mental development and outlook on life. No child should grow up experiencing violence as a normal part of relationships. I will teach them that no wound is too deep to heal, no scar too shameful to hide at the cost of one’s safety.”

Arslan Nasir reacts to trolling

Arslan Nasir, a YouTuber from Pakistan, said on his Twitter handle about this trolling that, ‘Girl exposing boy, boy’s friends exposing girl, wife exposing husband, husband’s friend exposing wife. … and we all sit back and have fun. Keep other people’s veil so that Allah keeps your veil.’

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Feroze Khan responded to the allegations

People turned against Feroze Khan after such information came out. He is being heavily trolled in Pakistan. Seeing this trolling, Feroz Khan wrote, he has full confidence in the law of Pakistan. Providing this information, he said that his divorce from Alize was finalized on 3 September 2022, after which he filed a case in the family law court seeking custody and visitation rights of his children.

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