September 25, 2022

Criminal trial will: Inconclusive evidence will really change Madhav Mishra’s view against Mukul

Release Date: | Thu, 15 Sep 2022 04:22 PM (IST)

As Madhav Mishra faces one of the most challenging cases of his career, the lawyer, known for winning the trust of his clients, faces a unique challenge. In the fourth episode of the third season of Disney+ Hotstar’s award-winning series Hotstar Special Criminal Justice: Adhura Saach, Mukul faces the prospect of trial as an adult. The news breaks him, but he devises a dangerous and cunning plan to save himself. So the nation mourns the death of his sister and beloved child actor Zara, hoping to escape accusations of involvement in the murder.

Avantika, following her instincts as a mother, suspects Moti’s involvement in the murder, but her decision to do an interview with the media proves wrong. As the pressure mounts on the investigating officers to find Zara’s killer, the dark night at the juvenile home haunts Mukul as he battles gangsters. His appearance and attitude towards the rest of the inmates further set him apart. Meanwhile, the investigation of Madhav Mishra is going on. He uncovers more poignant excerpts from that dark night, when Avantika discovers new evidence that erodes her belief in Mukul’s innocence.

Madhav Mishra continues to try to understand the reasons behind Mukul’s behavior, but things get out of hand. However, it remains to be seen how effective his decision to remain in the case will be. On the other hand, Neeraj gets a chance to get a big piece of evidence which completely changes Madhav Mishra’s case.

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