March 20, 2023

Bright Bhagya of Noida’s Slumboy, has bagged a role in Jaydeep Ahlawat’s Patal Lok 2. Jaideep Ahlawat Patal Lok 2 Bastir Shishu Delhi Details has landed a role on the OTT platform

Patal Lok 2: Jaideep Ahlawat, who shot to fame with his web series Patal Lok on the OTT platform, is in talks for its second installment. It is still being worked on. According to the latest reports, a 10-year-old boy from Noida got the chance to be a part of this web series.

the underworld

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Underworld 2: The main video is popular web series When the underworld is released it creates a stir. Only this web series is discussed everywhere. Since then, the hype for the second part of the web series has been building since the same time. Currently Underworld 2 and its in progress film A new person has joined the cast. A boy from a slum in Noida got a place in the film. Joydeep Ahlawat’s web series will feature a 10-year-old boy from the slums of Noida.

As for the boy, he lives in Sector 46, Noida and is 10 years old. It is known that he has also been selected in the film. The boy’s name is Ayush Jha. Aayush’s life was full of struggles and he also lost his father to Covid-19. He now lives with his mother. The boy studies in an NGO called Voice of Slum and now Aayush’s fortune has brightened by studying in this NGO. In fact the children of this NGO were given auditions, of which Aayush’s talent was liked by the selectors and he was roped in for this much awaited web series.

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Reacting to this, Deb Pratap Singh Chouhan, co-founder of Voice of Slum NGO said – A team auditioned some kids, out of which Aayush was selected very quickly. After father’s death, our NGO took care of his education expenses. He is a brilliant student and we are very happy to know that he will be seen in Patal Lok web series.

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What did Ayush say?

Ayush is also very happy to work in web series. He said – When my father died during Corona, only my mother was there to look after me. She is a housewife and has no connection with the outside world. They don’t know how to earn money. Basti’s vice looked after my education. He gave me the opportunity to participate in this audition. I would like to thank everyone and I will continue to look for film work even after this role.

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