September 25, 2022

Bishoi gang plan to kill Salman Khan in farmhouse

Release Date: | Thu, 15 Sep 2022 06:39 PM (IST)

Entertainment News: Actor Salman Khan’s life is under threat. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang also hatched another plan to kill the actor. The Punjab Police gave this information in a press conference. He said that it was Biswa gang who had conspired to attack Salman Khan for the second time. They planned to kill the actor near his farmhouse in Panvel. According to the police, the Lawrence Bishroi gang made plan B to kill Salman Khan before killing Sidhu Musewala. The plan was spearheaded by Lawrence’s shooter Goldie Brar and Kapil Pandit. Those who were recently arrested from India-Nepal border.

Conspiracy to kill Salman Khan revealed

Revealing Plan B, police said Salman Khan has a farmhouse in Panvel area. So Kapil Pandit, Santosh Yadav, Deepak Mundy and two other shooters rented a house in Panvel in Waze area of ​​Mumbai. One of the gang shooters rented a house en route to Salman’s farmhouse. He stayed there for about a month and a half. All gunners had small arms pistol cartridges. which could have been used to attack the actor.

Befriend security guards to gather information

Lawrence had known Vishroy’s gang ever since Salman Khan’s name surfaced in the hit and run case. From then on he slowed his car down. He also learns during Reiki that Salman’s personal bodyguard Shera is with him most of the time. The gang members befriended security guards outside the farmhouse to gather information about the actor’s movements and movements. The gunners were watching. During that time, Salman Khan came to the farmhouse twice, but the gang members missed the opportunity to attack.

Salman Khan got approval for gun license

Last month, the Mumbai police issued a firearms license to Salman Khan. The actor applied for the license after receiving death threats. License is issued to the actor after receiving green signal from Zonal DCP.

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