October 7, 2022

Ashok Chowdhury, producer of National Award-winning film Turtle, is bringing a new show Zindagi 0 km to the digital platform.

Release Date: | Thursday, 22 September 2022 09:59 PM (IST)

Filmmaker and National Film Award winner Ashok H Chowdhury is coming up with an inspirational youth empowerment program titled ‘Zindegi 0 Km’ on proper direction and other issues, which will be aired on digital platforms. Ashok Chaudhary is one of the talented and creative filmmakers of Rajasthan who won the National Film Award for his film ‘Turtle’, a film based on the water crisis. The film depicts the drinking water crisis inspired by real events.

Ashok Chowdhury said, “The youth these days do not get proper guidance and thus they struggle with problems like depression, breakup, divorce etc. Cases of suicide and divorce have also increased. To highlight such realistic incidents and create proper awareness in the society, I produced ‘Wah Zindagi’. The film is a beautiful love story based on the “Make in India” movement. The film undoubtedly inspires young Indians to start their own businesses and encourages people to strengthen their economy. Using local products. I believe that every show, every movie should inspire, encourage and empower the youth as they are the new rulers of the society.

Similarly, I am coming up with a digital show on certain aspects of life to help youth overcome issues like depression, separation, divorce, suicide and divorce. ,

Ashoka believed that caste, poverty and education were the three factors that stood in the way of progress. The film “Wah Zindagi” offers a way to educate Indians on the better ‘Make in India’ concept and how to use indigenous products, and the film Turtles tells about the drinking water crisis inspired by real events.

Ashok Chowdhury, speaking about his passion for reading and writing, said, “I am an avid reader, who loves to read all kinds of books and scriptures, which later helped me write thoughtful books like ‘Divine Child’. It was inspired by this.” “Spiritual Awakening”, “Undefeated”, and “Knowledge over Attachment”, “Self Healing” to name a few. I always feel that readings help people change their minds and also change their thinking. ,

Apart from filmmaking, reading and writing, Ashok Chaudhary is the founder of “The Mission Positive World” Trust, where he conducts seminars across India on various topics. He loves to travel and explore the different cultures and traditions of people across the country. He traveled abroad to identify the people of the country and their diverse culture and also established a symbol of national unity among the youth.

His love for entertainment and filmmaking led him to enter a production house called “Shivaja Films and Entertainment” where he channeled his vision and channeled his vision and aspirations to the society.

Ashok Chowdhury is all set to bring a powerful show ‘Zindegi 0 Km’ to the digital platform. The program will encourage and empower the youth and empower them to face any situation in life.

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