March 20, 2023

Anupam Kher cries while saying goodbye to his friend, the video will make it emotional. Mumbai video goes viral Anupam Kher cries when Satish Kaushik’s dead body arrives at his home

Satish Kaushik’s body was taken to Versova Ghat for last rites. Then he merged into Panchatattva. Meanwhile, a video of his special friend Anupam Kher has surfaced. Which makes everyone emotional.

Anupam Kher

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Anupam Kher cried for Satish Kaushik: Bollywood’s veteran actor Satish Kaushik has joined Panchattva. In this situation, the condition of their close people is bad. Recently a video has surfaced. In this video, her best friend and actor Anupam Kher is seen crying. Anupam is crying after seeing the dead body. Everyone gets emotional seeing them. Also many Bollywood celebs were seen mourning the loss of Satish Kaushik.

In fact, Viral Bhayani shared a video on her Instagram. Anupam is seen crying in this video. Please tell that the friendship between the two was 45 years old. People are moved to see Anupam sitting in the ambulance for the last rites. From celebrities to fans, everyone’s eyes are wet. Please tell that the dead body of Satish Kaushik was taken to Versova Samson Ghat in Mumbai. where he was cremated.

Watch the video here

Along with that another video has come forward. In this video, Anupam can’t stop the tears that keep flowing from his eyes and wipes them away. The people sitting next to me are also very emotional. But, people are not seeing the condition of Anupam Kher. He is completely devastated by his friend’s departure. And even then, it’s not easy to watch 45 years of friendship disappear in front of you.

At the same time, a video of Salman Khan has also come forward. Where he looks very emotional. Salman’s moist eyes indicate that he is in for a big shock over Satish Kaushik’s departure. Losing the best acting star at the age of 66 is indeed a great loss to the industry.

Please tell that the news of Satish Kaushik’s death was shared by his close friend Anupam Kher. He wrote on his Twitter handle that I know death is the ultimate truth of this world. But I never dreamed that I would write this thing for my best friend Satish Kaushik in my lifetime. 45 years of friendship broke like this. Life will never be the same without you Om Shanti. Many actors like Abhishek Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty came to pay their last respects. The grief of the late actor’s passing is evident in everyone’s eyes.

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