November 30, 2022

Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Shares His Daughters Names Posted On Instagram Click Here To Know Meaning | Alia Ranbir’s Daughter Name: Alia-Ranbir’s daughter’s name is very unique, it also means beautiful

Alia Ranbir’s daughter: Alia and Ranbir Kapoor announced their daughter’s name by posting a picture with her on Instagram.

Alia-Ranbir’s daughter’s name

Image Credit Source: Instagram

Alia revealed her daughter’s name: These days actor Ranbir Kapoor is enjoying his fatherhood.Ranbir Kapoor) and his wife Alia Bhatt gave another good news to the fans. She announced her little angel’s name. The couple’s fans have been eagerly waiting for this day since birth. After that, some time ago, while sharing a post, Alia also revealed her daughter’s name and its meaning. Please tell that this daughter’s name is none other than her grandmother Neetu Kapoor (Neetu Kapoor) is given.

Alia Bhatt shared a picture on her official Instagram. Where she and Ranveer are seen with their daughter. Although, these three are not the focus of the film, this film is very special for the fans. Now tell me why there is no focus on the couple and their daughter in the photo. This is because of the daughter’s name. Alia shared this picture to announce her daughter’s name.

Check out Alia’s post here

The name of the girl is special

Please inform that he has named his daughter ‘Raha’ Kapoor. Now you must be wondering what that unique name means. So Alia Bhatt also shared it through her post. Our daughter Raha was chosen by her grandmother, this name has a very sweet meaning… Raha literally means divine path, in Swahili it means happiness, in Sanskrit it means gotra… in Bengali it means comfort, relief…’

Alia told the meaning of the girl’s name

In Arabic it means peace, happiness, freedom.. We all felt the first letter of our daughter’s name… Thank you Raha… It feels like we started living to bring happiness into our lives.”

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