November 30, 2022

Akshay Kumar reacts to Richa Chadha’s tweet on Indian Army Galwan controversy Akshay on Richa: On Richa Chadha’s statement about the army, Akshay said – If he had, we are here today

Akshay Kumar Richa Chadha’s tweet: Many leaders and common people condemned the actress’s statement. Now Akshay Kumar has also reacted to Richa’s statement. He said he was sorry to see it

Akshay Kumar and Richa Chadha

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Akshay Kumar on Richa Chadha: The film is making a statement on the Indian Army Actress Richa Chadha appears to be stuck. Even though he apologized when the controversy over the speech escalated, it does not seem that the matter will be resolved so soon. Many leaders and common people have condemned such a statement of the actress. Now in Richa’s speech Akshay KumarR also responded. He said he was saddened to see it.

Sharing a screenshot of Richa Chadha’s tweet, Akshay Kumar wrote, “Sad to see this. We should not forget our gratitude to our armed forces. We are where we are today with them.

Richa Chadha apologized

Richa Chadha has apologized for her tweet following the growing controversy. He gave a statement in which he wrote – I did not want to hurt anyone. I apologize if my three words offended anyone. If knowingly or unknowingly I feel this way, I will be sorry. I understand that when one’s son is martyred, the whole family is affected. So it’s an emotional issue for me.

Is this whole controversy related to Richa Chadha?

This whole controversy started with a tweet of Richa Chadha. The actress retweeted a tweet from a Twitter handle called Baba Banaras. In this tweet, an army officer had a statement in which he said that the Indian Army is ready to carry out orders such as taking back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Commenting on this, Richa tweeted, “Galwan sez hai (Galwan says hi).”

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Many BJP leaders criticized Richa Chadha on this issue. Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam condemned his statement and asked if he would insult our country’s soldiers to get news and promote it. He said Richa should apologize to the country. At the same time, filmmaker Ashok Pandit filed a complaint against Richa Chadha at the Juhu police station.

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