November 30, 2022

Actress richa chadda tweeted for apology letter sayf just got a call I got only 1 ‘call’… – tweeted Richa after Galvan’s statement, then apologised

Richa Chadha Tweet: A tweet by actress Richa Chadha has caused quite a stir. However, the actress apologized after seeing the growing controversy.

Richa Chadha

Image Credit Source: Richa Chadha Instagram

Richa Chadha’s Tweet Controversy: Film actress Richa Chadha has to apologize for insulting the Indian Army. “Galwan ne hi bola hai,” the actress retweeted the tweet containing the statement of a senior Indian Army officer. Richa created a stir after seeing this tweet. Condemning the actress’ statement, many Bharatiya Janata Party leaders demanded an apology from her. Meanwhile, Richa tweeted that she got a ‘call’ from someone. A few hours after this tweet, he tweeted his apology statement.

Who called Richa Chadda?

Richa Chadha tweeted around 10 am on Thursday, when the uproar erupted over her strong statement. He wrote in the tweet, “Just got a call. I closed the answer so don’t know. Bye everyone.” From her tweet it is believed that someone called her and told her about the whole controversy. In fact Richa has turned off the option to reply to her on Twitter. In such a situation, she will not get comments on her tweets from people, whom she does not follow. Though The actress did not say anything about who made the call.


Screenshot of Reacher’s tweet

Why did Richa Chadha’s tweet cause an uproar?

In fact, on November 22, Indian Army Northern Command Chief Lt. Gen. Upendra Dwivedi was responding to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement on PoK. At that time he said, “As far as the Indian Army is concerned, they will obey any orders of the Government of India. Whenever such an order is given, we are always ready for it. The army is always ready that the ceasefire should never be broken because it is in the hands of both countries, but if it is ever broken, we will give them a befitting reply.

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Richa d

Screenshot of Reacher’s tweet

Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi’s statement was posted by a Twitter handle, which quoted Richa Chadha. “Galvan spoke highly,” he wrote. There is an uproar over this tweet. BJP leader and Maharashtra MLA Ram Kadam said, “Will he insult our country’s soldiers for coming to news and publicity?” What happened to them? Our answer is protecting the country day and night away from family. He said, the whole country wants his forgiveness. Many other leaders criticized Richa’s statement. Apart from this, he was also targeted on social media.

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