March 20, 2023

A mountain of grief broke down in Satish Kaushik’s family, the 10-year-old daughter shared a cute picture with her father. Satish Kaushik shared a cute picture with his father on the death of his 10-year-old daughter

Late actor Satish Kaushik’s family and close friends are saddened by his demise. After the father’s death, the 10-year-old daughter shared a picture with the actor, which is going viral.

Daughter of Satish Kaushik

Image Credit Source: Instagram

Satish Kaushik’s Daughter Vashika: His family is deeply saddened by the death of Satish Kaushik. Weeds have also spread in the film world. The actor’s special friend and actor Anupam Kher is also in a bad condition as he bids his last farewell to the dead body. Anupam was seen crying as he said goodbye to his best friend for the last time. At the same time Satish Kaushik has a young daughter. Who is missing her father a lot after he left. It is a very emotional moment for everyone. Daughter Banshika shared a post, which is making everyone’s eyes moist.

Satish Kaushik has a 10-year-old daughter, named Vanshika. Banshika recently shared a picture on her Instagram handle. In this picture, she is hugging her father and smiling happily. However, the caption with the photo only contains a heart emoji. But some photos don’t need captions. This picture tells a story in itself.

Check out Banshika’s post here

People have robbed the love of father-daughter bond

There is hardly anyone who does not get teary eyed by the picture. Fans are also blessing the little girl in the comment box. Also, be willing to be brave. Seeing the bonding of the two in this viral picture of father and daughter, people are also expressing their love. At the same time, users are also continuously paying tributes to the actor by commenting on the picture.

A remarkable film career

Talking about the workfront, Satish Kaushik has contributed immensely to Hindi cinema. His funny characters gave different life to each character. He has performed very well in each of his roles. From Mr. India’s calendar character to Pappu Pager, every character will live on in people’s minds. He used to compete with the best in acting. At the same time Johnny Lever said that he is still working on 5-6 films. Johnny was also supposed to share the screen with him in a film. The promotion of which both were busy these days.

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