March 20, 2023

With toy craze like Motu Patlu and Chhota Bheem on the rise, India’s strategy is overtaking China. Motu Patlu and Made in India toys will beat China’s toy economy

India is ready to surprise China again. We tell you, Indian made toys like Motu-Patlu and Chhotu Bheem are all set to compete with Doraemon, Shinchan.

With the growing craze for toys like Motu-Patlu and Chhota Bheem, India’s strategy is overtaking China

The impact of the Chinese product boycott is visible in India. The spring of ‘Made in India’ has arrived in the country. Every little thing is now being made in India. Although Chinese products are present in the Indian market, their buyers have decreased. such as India China Ready to push again. We tell you, Indian made toys like Motu-Patlu and Chhotu Bheem are all set to compete with Doraemon, Shinchan.

In such a scenario, China’s hold on the Indian toy market is about to end. In the last 3 years the demand for Chinese toys has decreased and the demand for toys made in India has increased. ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative is changing the toy market completely. The global demand for toys like Motu-Patlu and Chhota Bheem is not only good for the country’s economy but also for the environment.

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Toyakathon has benefited a lot

Let us tell you, in 2021 government started Toython and Toy Fair. Under this fair, the toy manufacturers of India get an opportunity to present their toys and give them a good platform. For this, PM Modi asked the youth and start-ups to come forward and help develop the country’s toy economy. Toys made in India benefited a lot from this Toython. Toys made here are in demand not only in India but all over the world.

International toy companies are also increasing interest

Due to the growing demand for toy manufacturing in India, foreign toy companies are also increasing their interest in the Indian toy market. International companies like Hasbro, Lego, Beetle and IKEA are looking to shift their local sourcing from China to India Let us tell you, the toy company Funschool India is now exporting to more than 33 countries.

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India’s ‘toy economy’ is booming

Let us tell you, 3-4 years ago, India was dependent on other countries for toys. Especially the toy market in India was somewhat monopolized by China. More than 80% of toys in India used to come from China. But now there is a big change in it. Government of India’s call for Vocal for Local is transforming India’s toy sector. The country’s ‘toy economy’ is developing. ‘Toy economy’ means an economy created from toys. India’s toy imports have dropped by 70%. At the same time, he is also exporting his manufactured toys to other countries. Import of toys increased by 61 percent.

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