March 20, 2023

This CEO spent 3 lakh rupees on pizza, you will be surprised to know the salary. Know the salary of former Domino’s CEO who spent over Rs 3 lakh on personal pizza expenses

You must wish that your salary was enough, so that you could roam freely, eat pizza and burgers. Incidentally, there is one CEO whose salary you will be surprised to know, as he spends more than Rs 3 lakh a year on pizza alone.

The CEO of this company spent Rs 3.3 lakh on pizza.

Image credit source: Unsplash

Have you ever wished that your salary was so big that you didn’t have to think before spending it? Move around as much as you want and eat as much pizza-burger or favorite food as you want. However, there is a company that also manufactures pizzas, yet its CEO spent Rs 3.3 lakhs on pizzas.

Talking about pizza maker here Domino’s Pizza Rich Ellison, former CEO of Google, who has shown the price of a personal pizza is $4,000 (about Rs. 3.3 lakh).

Alison’s salary is Rs

Rich Ellison stepped down as CEO of Domino’s Pizza in May last year. He then billed $4,000 for personal expenses on the pizza. Allison’s pizza expenses came to the fore when Domino’s Pizza recently disclosed this information to the stock market.

Rich Ellison was paid $71 million (about Rs. 58 crore) as the CEO of the company. He made this amount over Rs 3 lakh in 2021 on pizza.

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