February 5, 2023

These Indian CEOs will hire fired Twitter employees, says Meta

The Indian CEO said that all Indian employees laid off in America should return home and help Indian technology move forward in the next decade.

Indian CEO Harsh Jain

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Indian Tech CEO Jobs Offers: After the layoffs in the US, Indian CEO Harsh Jain will now hire the fired employees of Twitter, Meta and shape their future. He said, where more than 52 thousand employees have been shown the way out. All Indian employees present there (Indian employee) Go back to your home and see Indian technology (Indian technologyHelp us move into the next decade. He added that Dream Sports is always on the lookout for “great talent,” especially with leadership experience in design, product and technology. We tell you that tech layoffs have affected thousands of employees around the world.

Due to declining revenue, fewer advertisers and funding in the US, many tech companies have laid off workers and exited. Meta faced a number of problems in laying off 11,000 workers, about 13% of the tech giant’s workforce. The Facebook-parent has shed nearly 70% of its value this year, with its market cap falling from a trillion dollars to $255.79 billion.

After Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, half of the company’s employees were laid off. Microsoft, Netflix, Zillow and Spotify have laid off many of their employees. Due to which many problems have arisen in front of them.

Harsh Jain is the CEO of Dream 11, an Indian company

Harsh Jain claims his Indian companies to be profitable We at Dream Sports are a profitable $8 billion company with 150 million users and 10 kickass portfolio companies Fantasy Sports, NFT, Sports OTT, FinTech. Dream11 is a fantasy game platform that allows users to create fantasy teams in cricket, football, hockey and more.

Let us tell you that Dream11 was the first gaming company in India to become a unicorn company. Harsh Jain is one of many Indian tech leaders who want to strengthen and nurture a domestic tech ecosystem to bring back skilled talent to India. Due to which the country’s technology will improve.

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English News Headlines: These Indian CEOs will hire fired employees of Twitter and Meta.

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