October 7, 2022

Tata shares double in six months, with bumper price jump of 98%

Tata Investment Corporation invests in listed and listed equity shares, debt instruments and mutual funds of Tata companies, among other funds. The main income of this company comes from dividends, interest and sale of long-term investments.

Shares of Tata Investment Corporation saw a big jump

Tata Investment Corporation’s stock has been rising so fast this year that investors’ money has doubled in just six months. in time bye This share of K gained 98%. Tata Investment Corporation is a non-banking financial institution i.e. NBFC that deals in long-term investments. The share price of this company has increased due to the huge increase in dividends, interest and profits. This company is registered with RBI as Investment Company.

If we look at the growth of Tata Investment Corporation shares, it has gained 46% in last 5 days, 82% in one month and 98% in six months. The company has invested in listed and listed equity shares, debt instruments and mutual funds of Tata companies among other funds. The main income of this company comes from the sale of dividends, interest and long-term investments. Tata Investment Corporation’s dividend income for the first quarter of the current financial year was Rs 74.19 crore, while profit after tax was Rs 89.74 crore. In the first quarter of the same last fiscal, dividend income was Rs 41.26 crore and profit after tax was Rs 53.89 crore.

Status of Tata Company

Looking at recent trends, shares of Bajaj Holdings & Investments, Aditya Birla Capital, L&T Finance Holdings are doing well. The reason for this, experts say, is that investors are moving ahead and investing in stocks that are reliable despite the massive volatility in the market. Investing in shares of companies that are well-known and doing well. This is why every Tata Group company is performing well in the stock market. Compared to other Tata group companies, Tata Investment Corporation has given very good returns in the last six months.

13,984 crore market cap

Tata Investment Corporation has invested in several shares of Tata companies. This means investors of Tata Investments are also getting benefits from other Tata Group companies. Investors are benefiting indirectly even if they do not get this benefit directly. Tata Investment Corporation had a market cap of Rs 13,984 crore as of September 2022. This company is planning to invest in some new types of companies.

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Tata Investment Corporation accounts for 6.6% in automobile and auto component companies, 12.32% in banks, 2.47% in cement, 1.44% in chemicals and fertilizers, 2.21% in engineering, construction and infrastructure, 10.28% in FMCG and consumer. 15.05 percent in durables, financial services and insurance and AMC, 1.85 percent in healthcare, 3.47 percent in IT, 4.75 percent in hotels and QSR.

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