December 1, 2022

Tata group likely to become biggest brand after Air India with Himalaya to buy Bisleri After air, now Tata controls water too, why Bisleri became first choice

With airlines like Air India, Vistara, Air Asia India where the Tata Group has become the king of the skies. At the same time, Tata is expected to capture the water market as well, as Bisleri looks to sell its business.

Tata Group has become Bisleri’s first choice, the deal could be done soon

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Air India (Air India) After the Tata Group acquisition (Tata Group) Where in the air market i.e. airlines have achieved success by creating a monopoly in the market. It will soon take over the country’s bottled water market. Because Ramesh Chauhan wants to sell his business, Bisleri, the country’s largest bottled water brand (Bislery) its owner Ramesh Chauhan’s first choice is Tata Group, he himself gave a special reason for it, Tata has a complete history of business management.

Why Tata is the first choice?

ET had claimed in a report that Ramesh Chauhan could sign a Rs 7,000 crore deal with Bisleri. However, speaking to PTI later, Ramesh Chauhan said that no final decision has been taken on the deal, but his preference is the Tata Group.

Ramesh Chauhan said Reliance Retail has shown interest in buying Danone Bisleri from Nestlé. But he feels that the Tata Group will take care of its business better. will carry forward.

Chauhan says he likes Tata’s culture, so he chose Tata despite other buyers. However, Ramesh Chauhan has power in this regard, as the Tata culture since the time of Jamsetji Tata has been to take care of the legacy of old businesses or transform a sinking business into a successful one.

Heritage management has a history

Be it managing a sinking business or an old legacy, Tata has always been at the forefront. During Jamsetji Tata’s time, the Tata group had an empress mill for manufacturing cloth. Later in 1886, to increase the business, he bought the Dharamsi mill, which had been running at a loss for four years.

He named it ‘Swadeshi Mill’, but buying it proved to be a losing deal for him. But Jamsetji Tata did not give up, he bet everything to save this mill, even sold part of Empress Mills, later his sacrifice paid off and the domestic mill textile industry became a shining star for him.

Ratan Tata continues this tradition even today. In 2000, he acquired Tetley, the world’s second largest tea company. Later, the loss-making Ford company saved car brands like Jaguar and Land Rover.

Not only this, he also acquired Britain’s Corus Steel, which had been running at a loss for a long time, and recently played a key role in the acquisition of Air India.

Air, salt, water are all from Tata

The Tata Group owns airline brands such as Air India, Air India Express, Air Asia India and Vistara. At the same time, Tata Consumer Products Company operates in many categories like salt, tea, coffee, spices, pulses, ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook. Tata Salt is ruling the salt market. The same thing is happening now in the world of bottled water.

Bisleri Jahan is India’s largest bottled water brand. At the same time, the Tata Group has a mineral water brand called ‘Himalayan’. Tata was the first company to enter this segment.

Bisleri then launched mineral water under the brand name ‘Vedika’. Tata also has the brand ‘Tata Copper Plus Water’. It also has a good presence in the bottled water segment.

In 2021, the market size of packaged water in India was around Rs 20 thousand crore. Bisleri has 32 percent market share. That is, after Tata buys this brand, Himalayan and Tata Copper Plus water brands will have a bigger share in the bottled water market.

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