February 5, 2023

Punjab National Bank has issued KYC update guidelines for PNB account holders PNB account holders should do this before December 12, otherwise they will not be able to withdraw

Punjab National Bank customers who have not updated their KYC (Know Your Customer) yet, may face many problems from next month.

Punjab National Bank Guidelines: If you have an account with Punjab National Bank (PNB), this information is very important for you. PNB Bank says that customers have not yet completed their KYC (Know your customer) if not updated they may face a lot of problems from next month. Customers whose KYC is pending after December 12, may face difficulty in making transactions from their accounts. That is why it is very important to KYC all customers by December 12 The bank said that the Reserve Bank of India (Reserve Bank of India) As per rules, customers should update their KYC by 12 December 2022.

PNB said in a press release that pending KYC updates, customers have been notified through two notices to their registered address and SMS to their registered mobile numbers. On 20 and 21 November 2022, the bank also issued a notification in this regard on its social media accounts.

Punjab National Bank in its tweet said that as per RBI guidelines, updating KYC is mandatory for all customers. If your account is due for KYC update by 30.09.2022, you have already been informed about it. Visit the base branch to update your KYC before 12.12.2022. Due to non-updating, your account operation may be banned.

RBI has suggested this

In view of the growing threat of online fraud in the country, the Reserve Bank of India has advised all banks to update KYC regularly. Earlier banks used to ask customers to update KYC once in 10 years, but now many banks are recommending updating it even after an interval of three years.

These documents are to be submitted for KYC

Customers need to provide address proof, photograph, PAN, Aadhaar number and mobile number for updating KYC. You can also accomplish this task by sending an e-mail. Also, you can complete this process by visiting the bank branch. The bank has made it clear that no customer will be called for KYC update. So don’t fall into such a trap. If a customer has any KYC issue, they can directly contact the bank’s customer care number. Or you can visit the bank and contact the staff.

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English News Headlines: Punjab National Bank has issued PNB guidelines KYC update for account holders.

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