October 7, 2022

Petrol-Diesel Prices Today: Petrol and Diesel Prices Released Today, Know How Much is the Price in Your City

Oil marketing agencies released new prices of petrol and diesel on Thursday, September 22. There is no change in petrol-diesel prices today.

Oil marketing agencies released new prices of petrol and diesel on Thursday, September 22.

Oil Marketing Company for Thursday, September 22 Gasoline And the new price of diesel has been published. There is no change in petrol-diesel prices today. Petrol price in capital Delhi today is Rs 96.72 per litre. A liter of petrol costs Rs 106.35 in financial capital Mumbai, Rs 106.03 in Kolkata and Rs 102.63 in Chennai.

At the same time, a liter of diesel costs Rs 89.62 in Delhi, Rs 94.28 in Mumbai, Rs 92.76 in Kolkata and Rs 94.24 in Chennai. Petrol and diesel prices are highest in the financial capital of Mumbai. If you want to see the latest petrol and diesel prices in your city, click here link You can check by clicking

We tell you that the last change in petrol and diesel prices was on May 22, when the finance minister announced a cut in excise duty. On May 21, excise duty was announced to be reduced by Rs 8 per liter on petrol and Rs 6 per liter on diesel. After this cut, petrol in Delhi has come down by Rs 8.69 per liter and diesel by Rs 7.05.

Where did the price of oil reach in your city?

Current prices of Petrol and Diesel in major cities of the country (Rs. per litre)

the city Gasoline Diesel
Delhi 96.72 89.62
Mumbai 106.35 94.28
Calcutta 106.03 92.76
Chennai 102.63 94.24
Lucknow 96.57 89.76
Jaipur 108.48 93.72
Bhopal 108.65 93.90
Bangalore 101.94 87.89
Shimla 97.30 83.22

How much tax is levied on petrol?

Let us tell you that currently the price of 1 liter of petrol in capital Delhi is Rs.96.72. Out of this the base price is Rs.57.13. Fare is 20 paise per litre. Excise duty is Rs 19.90 and VAT is Rs 15.71 per litre. Dealer commission is Rs 3.78 per litre. According to information available on Indian Oil’s website, this tax rate is as on 15 June 2022.

We tell you that oil prices are seeing fluctuations, as Russian oil has been damaged by the Russia-Ukraine war, which has forced traders to reduce supplies. In addition, concerns remain due to weak demand for oil. India imported $5.1 billion worth of petroleum from Russia in the three months since the war. You will be surprised to know that it is 3 times more than before.

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