September 29, 2022

Insurance claims will be settled faster with the help of AI, ICICI Lombard has launched special benefits

The AI ​​based voice based solution is not only expected to reduce contact center costs for insurance companies. At the same time, it is expected that there will be speed in settling the claims of the customers.

Insurance companies will take the help of AI to settle claims faster

Private sector insurer ICICI Lombard has started using AI to help customers track the status of their insurance claims for health and motor insurance policies. For this the company launched Skeet, an artificial intelligence-based SaaS voice automation platform. AI is blocked. According to ICICI Lombard, this initiative will not only help policyholders in faster settlement of claims, but will also provide them with quick and accurate information about their claims. Along with this, the company will also succeed in reducing its costs with this system as the system will communicate with the customers in an automated way.

What will be the benefits of the system?

By using the Skit Voice Intelligence Platform, customers will be able to access claim information very easily and the customer experience will be enhanced by eliminating the complex process of obtaining information through traditional means. At the same time, the company will also benefit greatly as digital voice agents will reduce average call handling time, improve call control rates and automate customer interactions while providing faster information. It is estimated that this will enable savings of around 28% in contact center costs while it will help ICICI Lombard achieve up to 30% call control. The ultimate benefit of all this will be in the form of faster settlement of customer claims.

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What are the views of the companies?

Commenting on the partnership, Girish Naik, Head, Services, Operations & Technology, ICICI Lombard said, “At ICICI Lombard, we believe that insurance is a commitment for which a customer pays in advance and a claim is made to test that fact. Moment’s digital transformation reduces customer wait times and simplifies the entire complex process.” Speaking about the partnership, Saurabh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder, Skeet.AI said, “We are proud to partner with ICICI Lombard and are thrilled to embark on this journey to digitally transform the Indian insurance sector. It is the future and with AI solutions, ICICI Lombard will be able to provide world-class customer service with no waiting time.

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