October 7, 2022

Indian Army to issue tenders for carbines, bulletproof jackets, claims earlier

Before issuing tenders, the Indian Army has sought information from domestic arms manufacturers for the possible supply of 425,000 guns of the prescribed specifications.

Indian Army revealed fresh demand for carbines and sought information from domestic arms manufacturers for a possible supply of 425,000 guns of the specified specifications, before issuing tenders for purchases in November. In this regard, officials say the close-quarter carbine will be for frontline troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, where the two countries have been locked in a tense standoff since May 2020. The Army, in its request for information (RFI), said the force wants to acquire 5.56 mm carbine with an effective range of at least 200 meters. The document released on Thursday also mentioned other desired parameters, including accuracy and reliability of the weapon.

After months of development, the defense ministry has approved domestic defense procurement worth Rs 28,732 crore, which includes carbines, armed drone swarms and bullet-proof vests. Army has issued RFI for 47,627 bulletproof jackets. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) in July recognized the need for military hardware to promote self-reliance in the defense manufacturing sector.

The jacket will be only 8.7 kg

Let’s just say that soldiers can now knock out the teeth of enemies wearing light bulletproof vests. Boron carbide bulletproof jacket made with silicon will be more protective and weighs only 8.7 kg. The company head claims that this jacket, the lightest in the country, will be able to carry more firepower. Until now, such a jacket made of boron carbide (organic compound) weighed 10.5 kg. Even an AK-56 from two to three meters would not penetrate it or leave bullet marks. Its trials are underway for the Indian Army. After completing the tests, the army will soon be able to use this advanced bulletproof jacket.

China has become self-reliant

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Under self-reliant India, imports from many countries have declined due to the manufacturing of defense products here. We are beating China by making the lightest bulletproof vest. 10 to 11 and 11 kg jackets are still used abroad and their prices are higher than Indian jackets. At the same time, entrepreneurs say that this jacket is the result of rigorous research. Since the corporatization of the defense sector, avenues have opened up for private defense product manufacturers. The jacket has been sent to Brazil, Chile, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria for testing with the cooperation and guidance of the Department of Defence. After meeting the standards there, the police and the army have also expressed their desire to take it.

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