October 4, 2022

Ahead of the festive season, phone companies are betting big, launching new services for customers

Oppo has launched facilities like face-to-face repair and service for smartphones. As a result, the company’s customers are now freed from the hassle of returning the phone to a service center, while also helping to eliminate the risk of replacement parts.

Phone companies have launched many new services ahead of the festive season

Ahead of the festive season, smartphone companies have intensified their practices to attract customers. These companies are introducing services like doorstep servicing and exclusive experience centers to advanced service centers. Market analysts say it will change the shopping experience of consumers. At this exclusive experience center, they will be able to see the smartphone company’s entire product line, experience them face-to-face.

This effort by the companies will help to increase the brand value and build trust among the consumers. Chinese company Vivo is the new smartphone company to join this phase. The company is set to open its first experience center in Gurgaon where customers will get benefits like product experience, sales and after sales services. Earlier Xiaomi and Samsung have opened such centers in the country.

Emphasis is placed on service improvement

Apart from this, companies are also improving their after sales service availability. For example, Oppo has launched facilities like face-to-face repair and service for smartphones. With this, the company’s customers now get rid of the hassle of going to the service center to deposit the phone, but it also helps to eliminate the fear of changing phone parts and also ensures the security of personal data.

Now the company itself will come home

Along with this, the company has announced to start doorstep pickup and repair service of phones from October. It means now you don’t have to roam around to the service center if the phone breaks down. The company will also repair your phone and return you home. After picking up your phone, the company will repair it and hand it over to you within a maximum of three days. Domestic mobile phone company Lava also launched such a service recently. Lava claims to fix the phone within 48 hours of picking it up and return it to customers.

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