February 5, 2023

Toyota Global Production Record Sales High Corona Cuts Supply Chain In China | Toyota has made an impression around the world, selling bumper cars, this record

Toyota: Toyota manufactured 8,33,104 vehicles last month. This number is 0.5 percent higher than last year. The company’s global sales have also increased. November sales rose 2.9 percent to 7,96,484 units.

Toyota Company

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Japanese companies in the automobile industry Toyota Motor Corporation has achieved great success. The world’s number one auto maker said its global production reached a record level in November, thanks to strong consumer demand. But he said continued shortages of semiconductors and rising Covid cases in China would reduce production. The ongoing corona epidemic in China has created a stir, due to which work has come to a standstill. However, there is already a shortage of semiconductors and now the danger of corona has increased.

The world’s number one carmaker produced 8,33,104 vehicles last month, up 1.5 percent from a year ago. Global sales rose 2.9 percent, the company said in a statement on Monday, according to the company. The company’s sales rose to 796,484 units during the same period.

The challenge of Corona has increased in China

Increased production of vehicles reflects strong demand in regions such as North America. Global production levels have rebounded since the Covid-19 outbreak disrupted supply chains in Southeast Asia a year ago. The auto industry is still grappling with shortages of semiconductor chips and other auto parts Now the auto industry will also face challenges arising from the rapid spread of Covid cases across China.

cut production

Talking about Toyota’s production, in early November, the company lowered its global production target for the fiscal year to March. At the same time, despite the shortage of chips, the company is only trying to earn profit according to the old pattern. Toyota’s domestic production fell 3.3 percent to 266,174 units in November from a year ago.

Subsidiary performance

Talking about Toyota’s global production last month, it grew by 3.8 percent to 5,66,930 units. At the same time, speaking of Toyota’s subsidiaries, Daihatsu Motor Co. and Hino Motors Ltd. Total production including assembled vehicles of the company stood at 982,552 units. Sales during this period stood at 884,112 units.

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