November 30, 2022

These 5 Reasons Electric Vehicles Are Becoming Consumer Favorites These 5 reasons why electric cars are becoming everyone’s favorite, the government is also paying attention

Not only the consumers but also the government is paying more attention to electric vehicles. In this article, we are going to tell you 5 reasons due to which consumers’ interest in electric cars is increasing.

Electric car: Due to this, people’s interest in EV is increasing

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As we all know very well that non-electric cars emit carbon, there are many people who don’t want their cars to pollute the environment. This is the reason Electric vehicles The demand is increasing day by day. If you are also looking to buy a new electric car, today in this article we are going to tell you about 5 major reasons why electric cars are becoming the choice of consumers and why the government is also paying attention to EVs.

Why are electric vehicles becoming the choice of consumers? Check out these 5 reasons

  1. You and I know very well that AQI often worsens as pollution levels rise. Electric vehicles have been introduced with an aim to reduce the level of pollution, the first reason for preferring electric vehicles is that these vehicles prove to be very helpful in protecting the environment from pollution. Like other vehicles, these cars do not emit carbon, due to which carbon and pollution do not spread to the environment.
  2. We all use smartphones and just like we can upgrade our phones, electric vehicles can be upgraded just as easily as phones.
  3. Every car be it petrol or diesel or CNG model demands maintenance. We tell you that consumer interest in electric vehicles is increasing because these vehicles are easy to maintain and purchase (subsidized).
  4. Of course, electric vehicles don’t have an engine that can generate torque, but you probably don’t know that electric vehicles are capable of generating torque instantly.
  5. After petrol, now CNG price has also gone up, making travel expensive. This is why now people are turning to electric vehicles as it is cheaper to travel in electric vehicles. Example: Some time ago it was revealed that Tata Motors has a car that costs just 60 paise to travel a distance of 1 km. For people’s information, let us inform you that the name of this car is Tiago EV.

This technology is used behind the EV

Did you know that in electric cars the electric motor is in the axle? If the answer is no, then let us inform you about this. We tell you that in these vehicles, one motor is present on the front axle and the other motor is present on the rear axle.

EV vehicles have to maintain these things

These vehicles do not have an engine, so there is no cost to change engine oil, or belts and chains that need servicing, and these vehicles do not have transmission fluid that needs to be changed. Now the question arises in such a situation, what are those things that need to be maintained? The point to note here is that battery maintenance, brakes, tires and servicing needs to be done.

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