March 27, 2023

The new flying bike is coming… will fly like Star Wars, the price will surprise you. XTURISMO Hoverbike Flying Bike Price Details in Hindi

XTURISMO Hoverbike: The new flying bike will fly through the air like Star Wars. Check the price and features of this bike here.

Aerwin’s Xturismo flying bike

Image Credit Source: Instagram.Com/Xturismo_official

XTURISMO Hover Bike: When stuck in traffic jams most people wish we could fly a bike or car through the air to get there faster. If we say that this wish of yours can be fulfilled now. Yes, till now you must have traveled by plane to fly in the sky, but now you can fly in the air with a bike. Actually a Japanese startup AERWINS Technologies by a XTURISMO Hover bike In which this bike is presented star wars Like can fly in the sky

The XTURISMO hoverbike is developed by Japanese startup AERWINS Technologies. According to reports, this is a Star Wars inspired model and is a flying bike by Dream Air Mobility. It has 2 large central rotors driven by 228hp gas powered Kawasaki motors.

XTURISMO Hoverbike

  1. According to reports, the company’s main objective is to bring science fiction to life. The company wants people to imagine a world where humans have free reign in the skies. In this case, with the arrival of this bike, a person will be able to travel freely in the sky in his life.
  2. According to reports, this bike wants to expand the idea and give the world an experience like never before. In such a situation, the company has advanced the next generation transport.
  3. The company said the bike can be used for practical purposes like disaster relief, search and rescue missions.
  4. The flying bike is already on sale in Japan with the first official delivery scheduled for December 16, 2022.
  5. Currently, this bike currently only flies on race tracks.
  6. If we talk about the price of the flying bike, then the price of this bike will surprise you. We tell you that it will be available for sale in the US later this year for £461,000 (roughly Rs. 4.4 crore).

The XTURISMO Hoverbike is set to make its US debut at the Detroit Auto Show in September 2022. During that time show attendees can take the bike for a test drive.

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