October 7, 2022

Tesla recalls 11 million cars, Elon Musk’s car found this defect

Sla’s vehicle had an automatic window reverse system not working properly, which could have caused injury to the vehicle occupant. The company said Tesla will issue a new software update to fix the affected system in the car.

Tesla cars of Elon Musk’s company are quite popular around the world due to their modern features and powerful looks. But now 1.1 million units of these cars have been sent back to the US. In fact, one report claims that an automatic system for reversing the windows of Tesla cars is not working properly, which could injure the person sitting in the car.

The US automobile giant has told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it will issue a new software update to fix a flawed system in Tesla cars. Tesla recalled some units of the Model 3 from 2017-2022, the Model Y from 2020-2021, and some units of the Model S and Model X for 2021-2022.

The company has not received any complaints

The Texas-based company said that so far there have been no warranty claims and no such complaints in crashes etc. Nor have there been any reports of casualties or loss of life so far. The traffic safety regulator said that without a proper automatic reversing system, the driver could be at risk if the window is closed.

what is the problem

According to the traffic safety regulator, this loophole was first regulated in August. Closing the car window with excessive force may cause damage to the driver.

Popular in many parts of the world

Tesla is also planning to bring the car to India, which is still pending taxes etc. While the company will launch the best selling model of any model in India, there are also questions. Tesla cars are very popular in many countries around the world.

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