February 5, 2023

Ola’s electric scooter crashes at 35 speed, woman admitted to ICU. Ola Electric S1 Electric Scooter Suspension Braking at 35kmph Check Details

Ola Electric S1 Electric Scooter: This is not the first time that the quality of Ola scooters has been questioned, there have been many incidents of Ola scooters in the past and recently a woman was admitted to the ICU due to an Ola scooter. .

Ola S1 scooter crashed

Image Credit Source: Twitter/@SamkitP21

Ola Electric Scooter For a long time, the quality and safety of the Ola brand have been questioned, sometimes due to fire incidents and sometimes suspension breakdowns, these electric scooters of the Ola brand have troubled customers. Recently, another incident has come to light that while riding the Ola Electric S1 scooter, its front suspension broke causing the woman riding the scooter to fall down.

The woman scooter driver was seriously injured after the front suspension brake of the Ola scooter. Twitter user Samkit Parmar tweeted that my wife was driving an Ola S1 electric scooter and the scooter was traveling at a speed of 35 kmph when the incident took place. At 35kmph, the front wheel detached from the scooter due to the breakdown of the front suspension.

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The wheel came off and my wife fell down, claimed Samkit Parmar, whose wife is admitted in the hospital’s ICU due to the incident.

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